Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Mother of a New God

A new god is delivered its true
Not by normal paths or wounds
But through the belly of a noble mother
One that can bear it, her loss, her heart, like no other

A child is born both sweet and kind
Its first breath of human the catalyst to engage its mind
A time of innocence so brief and fleeting
But soon burdened by right and wrong, now prepared to take a beating

There is a road unto your God, into her arms
Though it will without doubt unfold, a struggle through famine, fog and harm
From that first shriek and on, your constant companion the demons oppression
The child will, the old soul, struggle to learn its lessens.

Its just another handful of learning
To climb the ladder to the fold of your father and avoid the burning
You learn to see what you smell and touch what you're hearing
Push out some love and forgiving, deal with the round about Karma you're fearing

You avoid the whole mess, forsake the struggle of birth, the duress
But then you must be a god no less, aged beyond reason and the call of the test
Carried first in the loving belly of a noble mother
You blossom through her shattered heart, a new god, another from a blessed mother



  1. Thank you Gunner for sharing yet another piece of your mind and your unique ability to put your thoughts to print so passionately. I've read this piece at least a dozen times - no matter how my mind interprets it there are always those misty eyes!

  2. Just checking in to see what's new... :)