Saturday, 5 November 2016


Its not the place you were born..not even the place you were raised really..but a place where you met yourself face to face for the first time. It's that place you knew instinctively, as you breathed it in, that you were a part of it and it was a part of you. And there, deep in your core, you realized relief. Not at all because you weren't sure if you were returning or discovering it for the first time, but.. because you had arrived.
Home is not only a familiar place. It's a state of mind. It's transcendental. It's friends and family and lovers. It's that large tree you rush to in a rain storm and that satisfied feeling you get as you just arrive under its shelter, with that genuine smile. A sigh of relief, when all around you are grey showers, you remain sheltered and dry. Home is that moment in a small cafe, in a large foreign city full of strangers, when an old friend suddenly appears to share a few moments and a coffee.Some few friends are a lot like home.
Home, it's that few seconds in a raging night, the brief relief from some constant grief, when your dream brings you your lovers embrace, the touch of her lips and the scent of her hair in the night. That's home.
I ache to be home.

For Pegs, who "feels" deeply and understands where true wealth lives.