Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Little David Mallet was the toughest nail in town.
Leaner and meaner than most and closer to the ground.
Fighting and thieving had been the story of his life
He had fists like iron claws and barbed wire teeth; he was a master with a knife

Big Jack Hammer was a slow and easy walker
And though its rumored he had indeed spoke once, he was not an eager talker
Built like a big old oak tree, he always seemed at ease
And its true you could suddenly find him standing in an empty place, unexpectedly

Sexy Mary Brown was the dream of every guy; she was the sweetest girl around
She had a long stride and batting eyes, she could turn a man to a panting hound
She loved to dance and she loved to prance and music turned her on
So you took your chances, made your advances, but you always end up gone

Now you know that David was the rooster of the walk; he sure did like to crow
And if you saw him prowling somewhere on the block, Jack was sure to be in tow
Together they had no fear, they shed no tears: they always shared their beer
And David knew when the blades were drew, Jack would be there too.

On the 8th of August, when the nights were hottest, the music played till dawn
And in the night, David caught Mary in his sight and over her he did fawn
They swirled and twirled, he held her close, she fell in tighter than most
He smoothed her well, she bought his tell and they left together when the dead bolt fell.

It was still dark when they crossed to the park and David wanted a kiss
He spun her round and forced apart her lips, but she whispered “No, no. Not like this”!
With a familiar rage he knocked her around and pushed her to the ground
She fought for her life and he pulled out his knife, “How do you want to be found?”

Big Jack Hammer was a slow and easy walker, not an eager talker
But his fists were heavy, they landed a bevy, and he dragged David off her
The flash of steel brought an end to the deal, and David went down hard
And he wondered how a man could move so well and find him caught off guard

And when the darkness came it was the end of Dave and no one felt any pain
And its rumored Jack spoke once, and its said he had the same to say again
“It was like the taste of a fine whiskey, my retribution.
But now, it’s a long and sober path over the mountain to absolution.”
Gunner ©