Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Through Squinted Eyes

Through squinted eyes
I did see
From the horizon
The backs of two tears
And my reflection looking back at me

Millenia! I screamed
Take back this heavy gravity
Bathe me in your treasured love I plead
Release me from this cursed millennium!

At once
On unfettered wings I rose perpetually
When love that had held me to the ground
Extinguished and set me free unbound
To this insistent heavy gravity

Millenia! I screamed
Give me back our ground
For on the back side of that horizon
With this cursed gravity
I'll never be found

And now through squinted eyes
I have seen
For millennium and today
The backs of two tears
And Millenia! Looking back at me.

This cursed heavy gravity!
Will never set me free
Am I bound forever? I scream
To see Millenia through my tears
For eternity

The gods it seemed
Remiss in promised mercy
Offered up instead misery
Or bid me come inside
With their cursed heavy gravity

But No! I screamed
I rather
Through squinted eyes
See my beloved Millenia
For a Millennium
Gunner© 2015