Friday, 17 April 2015

The Fight in Her Light

Señor Rogelio

You have grease on your fingers and cotter pins in your teeth
Is that gasoline in your veins and exhaust in your lungs to breathe?
You wheel your yellow mustang around with ease
But you get on home; you got baby girls with needs.

One, two, three and go!
We win Daddy!
We’re so fast and you’re so slow!
Look! They have fight in their light.

Dancing baby angel in an iron workers mask
That’s your daughter on a jack with dancers sass
She loves her papa; you can see it in her eye
And yes, she has your fight in her light

You twist a nut and bend a bar
Tear apart the engine of any car
That’s a big American Joe
But you've been around and able to bring it toe to toe

It’s been a long road from that breezy Hacienda
To that windy city on this side of gritty
From that ground of sun and serpent
To this smog where a dollar is all they worship

When the days done and you're getting to home
There are two pretty faces at the window waiting for Daddy to show
One, two, three and go! We win Daddy!
We’re so fast and you’re so slow!

There’s frost on a wrench, a car on the winch
But little girls wrapped in blankets need to be schooled
So it’s into the car one, two, three…and Go!
How do they make bricks Daddy? What holds up the moon and make it glow?

You’re a master at ballet folklórico
All the pretty Senorita’s love the mans man its told
The hombre with the big smile bright
But watch his daughter, a tire iron in hand and fight in her light.

Senor Rogelio!
It’s half past midnight on the bright side of bliss
You have a faster yellow mustang but you are surely missed
You live forever, cause there’s fight in her light, and you continue to grow
Dancing baby angel has you solidly in her loving thoughts, one, two, three…and Go!

Gunner© For My Millenia