Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Immersed in Gratitude

It’s hardly a few minutes before the crack of dawn
My alarm sounds off with a cathedral song
The coolness of the air a small sting when I throw off the sheet
And I’m suddenly aware of a small thing, I breathe.

I breathe in slow, a thirty count, and exhale
What is a long breath? Without it life would pale
I breathe in and hold till I gasp
My chest all tight my mind racing fast

I breathe! And I’m immersed in gratitude!

There on my left, my woman my wife
I recall her first morning in my arms; she became part of my life
Her heart a smooth beat there near her breast
A sweet whisper and her breath across my chest

She breathes! And I’m immersed in gratitude!

A rustling in the next room, my son's normal grumble
He flies down the stairs in a reckless tumble
I recall his very first breath, for his lungs a first test
When he joined us on our march to an inevitable death

He breathes! And I’m immersed in gratitude!

I hear the big lake throw her waves on my shore
Her tides come and go sometimes close to my door
Her lungs filled with all manner of life
The moon is her lover and he hugs her, each day twice

She Breathes! And I’m immersed in gratitude!

And through the glass pane before I rise
I see the twinkling of heaven's stars in the sky
A thousand suns born and spun
The universe alive with stardust and galaxies known to none

It breathes! And I’m immersed in gratitude!



  1. Once again.... my gratitude for letting me breathe in your talent. As always..worth the wait. Thank you.

  2. Gratitude for life is a very powerful force! Keep breathing!

  3. The same could be said about even the act of opening our eyes or being able to move around. I feel that gratitude when I see those who have lost something precious. It all goes to show that we should be appreciative for every single thing that happens to us or for us so that we can even function.


  4. I'd forgotten how beautiful this piece is. I was going to comment on that last note of appreciation you wrote, but you removed it too quickly. Those of us who read you are the ones in appreciation of you sharing your gift of story telling and drawing out our emotions. I've followed you from the beginning, watching your work grow, style change, and see life. *smiles. You should write more, but I've always given you grief over that. Keep safe and keep sharing.